Corporate Portraits | APEX 2018 Board

Here are corporate portraits done for APEX, a non-profit for Asian professionals based in Los Angeles (with some events in Orange County too). Every year I do headshots of the board. They had requested both a white background (easier for website and print usage) and a gray background. I often provide multiple lighting or backdrop settings, based on the number of portraits needed and time available. This is an example of what is delivered for an entire shoot (>300 images) and how a variety of images is captured for each individual.

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Corporate Portraits | ENO Brands

ENO Brands is a company based in Orange County that specializes in jewelry and is expanding into other areas. I shoot their portraits every year and we do a combination of outdoor, natural light portraits along with indoor, studio lighting portraits on a pure white background. We also get a photo of all the employees for their yearly Christmas card.

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Corporate Portraits | APEX 2017 Board

Here are corporate portraits I did for the APEX board in 2017. APEX is a non-profit for Asian professionals based in Los Angeles (also with events in Orange County). This year they only requested a gray background, so we went with a more narrow depth of field (softer images when seen up close) using a soft wash of light from the right. This created a more dramatic portrait than the more standard portraits usually requested. Here is an example of an entire shoot as it was delivered, which was over 200 images.

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