Due to the restrictions of Covid19 (Coronavirus), normal business practices are changing and adapting. We are adapting with it to still offer professional commercial photography within the restrictions of coronavirus.

Corporate Portraits and Headshots

Delivered to your Doorstep, Safely and Conveniently

Corporate portraits (headshots) are still doable even when the offices are closed. We offer corporate portraits on location, even at the homes of employees (as they work safely from home). These can include natural light photos taken outdoors and/or studio photos taken outdoors with our portable studio setup.

We offer:

  • Safety, first and foremost. We take all precautions to protect ourselves and our clients
  • Professional Photos. Just because we can work in pajamas at home doesn’t mean our work photos have to reflect that. We can bring professional photography right to your doorstep.
  • Ease and Convenience. Just like having groceries delivered to the doorstep, we can deliver corporate headshots safely and conveniently right to your door. The photos are done outdoor at the employee’s home residence, all without compromising the safety of all parties.

Single Person Productions

We can do both photo and video productions using only one person (no lighting assistants, grips, or PAs), which is ideal for social distancing and working in these new times. By having a smaller production with almost no reduction in production quality, we can create quality commercial photos and video even with today’s restrictions.

Covid19 Friendly Commercial Photo Productions

We have only one person doing the photography, lighting, and directing, without a compromise on professional quality. This is especially ideal for indoor photo shoots, where the headcount is important for social distancing in this age of coronavirus.

Covid19 Friendly Commercial Video Productions

Often, video productions use large crews to create professional quality content. We offer professional quality without the extra hands on deck, using mobile setups and techniques. We keep the production simple and clean, while we keep the quality of the production high. Again, this is extremely important in enclosed areas, where too many people in one room increases risk and violates government mandates. We can work within those limits.