Lobster Tail | Food Photography

This is food photography of a lobster tail main course at a French Vietnamese fusion restaurant. It is covered with a light tempura batter and a tamarind sauce, served in the lobster shell. This food photography was used in their print advertisements and social media.

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Drip Coffee | Product Photography

This is advertising for food product photography for an instant drip coffee product. The client, Caffe Borsa, wanted to showcase the innovative drip system that is deployed off of a mug or glass. The lighting and setup shows off the coffee and the individual drips, all while keeping the steam as a central flourish to the image.

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Sashimi | Sushi Photography

Here is an example of sushi photography done for a sushi restaurant in San Dimas, California (Los Angeles County). It shows a sashimi spread including tuna, salmon, halibut, albacore, and yellowtail. The food photography was done on location at the restaurant.

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